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Ann Cooper and Beth Collins

Lunch Lessons LLC, co-owned by Chefs Ann Cooper and Beth Collins, brings a uniquely qualified team to projects spanning food systems, culinary, finance and business services, and school district administration experience.

Ann and Beth have worked together since 2000, bringing their private-sector backgrounds in business and food to the school food arena. Their hands-on experience in school district transition brings to their assessments the distinct experience of having “been there” through the challenges presented as districts and community partners consider large-scale school food system change. This lens of experience allows for a realistic understanding of the complex relationships that exist in school districts and what kinds of goals and results are realistic, given the unique conditions of each district. Having guided over 50 districts in systemic change, training a network of school food specialists, and working with many organizations focused on this work places Lunch Lessons at the forefront of school food innovation in the United States.

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